At Rainbow Optimum Technologies, we provide excellent IT training class with core Hardware/Software hands on.We are known for providing adequate training class and we have a well equipped computer lab to help provide our students with adequate training class session.


Rainbow Optimum Technologies Computer Training Class is an intensive in-class four (4) week training class which comprehensively introduces you to IT literacy. Rainbow Optimum Technologies Computer Training class covers the basic concepts of computing, and advance deployment on windows 7 and teaches how computing can be an everyday feature of life and work. It covers advance knowledge and give our students core understanding on hardware/software solutions and deployment. Our computer training class is good for adults, beginners and anyone working on lunching or changing their career part to information technology.


We help provide our students with resources and materials to help prepare them for their certification exams which includes but not limited to A+, Microsoft, Cisco, ISACA and SUN.etc


One of the key outcomes of taking Rainbow Optimum Technologies Computer Training Class is that you will understand the functions of a computer. You'll learn about IT safety and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of computer parts, have core upstanding of computer hardware/software solutions and deployment.

You will have the skills to manage multiple files effectively and understand the concept and deployment of computer in Work-group and Domain environment. This training class will teach you core knowledge of graphic design with CorelDRAW for those interested in our graphic design class as well as how to use email and word processing applications, tasks that will help you to accomplish your daily and career goals.