Power System Solutions

Inverter / UPS /Batteries/Industrial Stabilizers

We understand how critical power is to business generally and we work In conjunction with international award winning Power solution manufacturers to provide organizations a cost-saving, highly functional and durable UPS and Inverter power backup for their ATM machines, Data centers, Telecom facilities, Medical equipment, Local area Networks, Servers and branches respectively.

We also supply and install industrial Automatic Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer) and we have successfully deployed our high end power solutions to various organizations.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Rainbow Optimum Technologies presents its security solutions to help our customers prevent data theft, and maintain enterprise’s wide and physical, software and data usage monitoring through vulnerable endpoints. Our Security solutions are specifically designed to provide worry-free and quality solutions for physical access control, data protection, internet security and parental control. 


Enterprise IT Security 

we design and implement Enterprise Security Infrastructure for both small, medium and large scale enterprise organizations to protect their critical assets.

Physical Security Solutions

We provide coporate bodies and individuals with technical  expertise ranging from  technical advice, Design, Development , maintenance and installation of IP Surveillance System.

I.C.T Procurement and Supply services  

We are authorized re-seller/distributor to top OEMs. We supply all kinds of I.T hardware and Stationeries to customers at a very affordable price with attention to OEM Warranty.  Our product includes telecommunication equipments (Modems, routers, Switches, IP Phones, etc.), Computers and its accessories, Servers, Racks, Projectors, Electronic boards, printers, A4 papers, envelop, Toners etc. 

We now have a wide range of solutions to help businesses from front to back office, we take a pragmatic approach to technology, harnessing it for the benefit it brings to our customers. As a result we offer a choice of flexible, scalable, integrated solutions to customers who can choose Rainbow Optimum Technologies to handle just one aspect of their business software needs, or all of them and our extensive range of solutions makes it easier for our customers to manage their business processes.